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X-PoE - Knowledge Center#

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🍃 Checkout how much embodied and operational carbon X-PoE can save in our TM65 case study!


X-PoEⓇ technology serves as a groundbreaking extension to the conventional Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems. While traditional PoE technology has been pivotal in powering IP telephones, security cameras, and broadband transceivers, it has limitations when applied to lighting systems. X-PoE addresses these limitations by offering up to 120W of power, eliminating the need for an LED driver and making installations faster and more efficient.

This innovation not only simplifies the deployment of DC-connected lighting systems but also serves as a potential backbone for the burgeoning PoE market, which is diversifying into various applications beyond its original scope. Fully compatible with IEEE-defined standard PoE, X-PoE is poised to redefine the market with its exceptional advantages including zero standby power, reduced material use, and higher efficiency.

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X-PoE Certification, Partnerships, and Licensing info#

Lighting Manufacturers#

Making a luminaire X-PoE compliant is easy and license free. You can find resources further down on this page on how to retrofit or design your luminaire to be X-PoE Compliant.

Luum also offers a Luminaire certification program where we will do the work for you. Simply send us your luminaire(s) and we’ll get to work including: Finding the best mechanical option for the X-PoE RJ-45 Connector. Profiling of your light engine to ensure superior dimming, performance and compatibility when used with an X-PoE switch. Certified Luminaries and its software profile will be added to our list of certified devices that can be selected in software on all X-PoE Switches. Special partner discount on our UL Certified X-PoE Certified connectors and accessories.


Luminaire Partners#

  • Zumtobel
  • DMF
  • HE Williams
  • Topaz
  • Visiolite

X-PoE Switch Partners#

  • Sinclair Digital - TX, USA
  • Microsens - Germany

System Integration partners#

  • Sinclair Digital - USA
  • Novo Gulf - India